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ZBL-P8000 Wireless Foundation Pile Low Strain Detector

ZBL-P8000 Wireless Foundation Pile Low Strain Detector

Product name :ZBL-P8000 Wireless Foundation Pile Low Strain Detector Payment terms: 100% T / T, Western Union, Paypal, etc MOQ: 1Set Delivery time: In stock
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ZBL-P8000 Wireless Dynamic Testing Equipment for Pile has wide dynamic range, low noise amplifier system, 24 bit A / D sampling;signal has good stability, so the defect and pile bottom can be identified easily.

Wireless connectivity between accelerometer and PDA allows easy and more flexible usage on site. PDA can be utilized upto 10 meters away from the accelerometer.

Real time on-site processing such as smoothing, differential, filtering,exponent and linear amplification can be given to tested wave form.

New wavelet processing

The signal noise can be eliminated by taking average superposition of multiple signals. Superposition signals can be checked at any time,poor-quality signals can be rejected.

Project/pile testing data can be easily saved, accessed, edited, or deleted.

Gain value can be adjusted according to length of pile, condition of pile top surface.



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