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  • Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensors for Continuous Level Measurement

    1.Introduction: Ultrasonic water level sensor’s precision of liquid level can up to 0.3%, which is enough to resist various interference waves. The transmitter is a non-contact one and dose not directly contact liquid, so the fault rate is low. 2.Features
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  • HL Liquids And Soilds Ultrasonic Level Meter

    HL Ultrasonic level meter continuous non-contact measure level in liquids and solids. It consists of probe and host, both of which are plastic leak-proof structure. The HL series can be widely applied to the metallurgical, chemical, electricity and oil industries.
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  • Ultrasonic Level Sensors for Fuel Tank

    Introductions UTG21-PS is separate type the sensor PTFE material can be used for a variety of corrosive occasions. Feature 1.Range: 0~15m 2.Blind area: 0.25m~0.5m 3.Ranging accuracy : 0.3% (Standard condition) 4.Ranging resolution: 1mm 5.Pressure: Less than four atmospheric...
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