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  • Vortex Flow Meter for Compressed Air and Stream and Natural Gas

    TEMGB vortex flowmeter is used for measuring the flow velocity of gases or liquids in pipelines flowing full. The measuring principle is based on the development of a Karman vortex shedding street in the wake of a body built into the pipeline. The periodic shedding of eddies...
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  • Gas Turbine Flow Meter Monitor Devices for Gas Flow Measurement

    The liquid turbine flow meter are specially designed for usage in water, diesel, gasoline and other fluid measurement and control systems. They operate according to the turbine principle, i.e. the speed of an impeller turning in the fluid flow is measured and converted into...
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  • Open Channel Ultrasonic Flow Meters Measures Water and Wastewater

    Introduction: UTG21 series ultrasonic open channel flow meter can directly display the instantaneous and cumulative flow. The built-in EEPROM digital memory makes sure that the data will not lose in case of power failure. With different standards in various countries and can...
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  • Open Channel Flowmeter Monitoring Water

    Sensor installation Ultrasonic probe was install on the top of the flume, measuring the water level in the flume. Transmitter calculate the open channel instantaneous flow rate according to the water level and flume type and get the value of cumulative flow. Open channel...
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  • Non-Contact Ultrasonic Level Meter Measurement Liquid

    Introduction of Ultrasonic level meter UTG21-BE is a non-contact one and dose not directly contact liquid, so the fault rate is low . The meter's all input and output lines must be with such protection functions as lightning protection and short circuit prevention....
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  • Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensors for Continuous Level Measurement

    1.Introduction: Ultrasonic water level sensor’s precision of liquid level can up to 0.3%, which is enough to resist various interference waves. The transmitter is a non-contact one and dose not directly contact liquid, so the fault rate is low. 2.Features
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  • Ultrasonic Level Sensors for Fuel Tank

    Introductions UTG21-PS is separate type the sensor PTFE material can be used for a variety of corrosive occasions. Feature 1.Range: 0~15m 2.Blind area: 0.25m~0.5m 3.Ranging accuracy : 0.3% (Standard condition) 4.Ranging resolution: 1mm 5.Pressure: Less than four atmospheric...
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  • Concrete Rebound Hammers HT-225 Series

    Concrete test hammer is applied to test the compressive strength of building concrete components, bridge, and so on which Especial popular in civil engineering of non-destructive test or NDE evaluation. 1)High quality material Center rod to make sure more accurate and durable...
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  • Concrete Rebound Test Schmidt Hammer

    HT-225E rebound hammer is simple type of digital concrete test hammer with quick and easy determination of strength of concrete , and hardness of construction materials popular applied to NDT hardened concrete compressive strength component in construct projects. 1)The test...
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  • Rebound Hammer Test Concrete Hardness Tester

    HT-225W+ Removable lithium battery typed digital concrete hardness tester. It is a high-tech product especially designed for the needs of in place test for concrete compressive strength, applied to NDE for all kinds of concrete compressive strength component in construct...
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  • Mortar Rebound Hammer Concrete Test

    HT-225W- digital display concrete test hammer with real time voice function , quick and easy determination of the strength of concrete hardness of constructions materials. The instrument is popularly used for quality Inspection Company making supervisory monitoring, random...
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  • Concrete Cover Meter Rebar Detector Test Reinforcement Depth Diameter

    Introductions ZBL-R660 integrated concrete rebar detector is mainly used to test the reinforced concrete structure and is capable of accurately measuring rebar position, cover thickness and rebar diameter on the reinforced concrete surface. Features: 1.With multi-coil...
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