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  • Wheat Moisture Meter

    Wheat Moisture Meter

    Wheat Moisture Meter * Able to measure the mositure of various grains * MC-7821 can measure the mositure of paddy, rice, wheat and corn, It is the classic model, which can measure both moisture and temperature. *New models have not only large measurement range but also LED...Read More

  • Vegetable Hardness Tester

    Vegetable Hardness Tester

    The fruit hardness tester is a handheld compact penetrometer for fruit and some vegetable hardness testingRead More

  • HT-6510MF Memory Foam Hardness Measurement

    HT-6510MF Memory Foam Hardness Measurement

    Memory Foam Hardness TesterRead More

  • Memory Foam Harness Tester

    Memory Foam Harness Tester

    Memory Foam Harness Tester * It meets standards of DIN 53505, ISO 868, ISO 7619, ASTMD 2240, JISK7215. * With average calculate function. * Peak value deposit function. * Under-voltage alarm function. * Use USB data output to connect with PC. * Provide Bluetooth data output...Read More

  • Ultrasonic Open Channel Flow Measurement

    Ultrasonic Open Channel Flow Measurement

    Open channel flow measurement by acoustic wave principle measure water, river etc application in parshall flume or weirsRead More

  • Open Channel Ultrasonic Flowmeter

    Open Channel Ultrasonic Flowmeter

    UTG21-DR Open channel flow meter used to the measurement of flow within open, partially-filled and free flow channels and the open channel flow meter must be used with the measuring weirs and is mainly used to measure sewage flow within the channel under an open, partially...Read More

  • Sclerometer Concrete

    Sclerometer Concrete

    ZC3-A concrete resiliometer is a mechanical type rebound hammer with Type N testing method, easily test concrete compressive strength value. Work in many civil enginnering projectsRead More

  • TEM-R62 Concrete Resistivity Meter

    TEM-R62 Concrete Resistivity Meter

    R62 concrete resistivity tester is also called potential detector. The corrosion of steel bar/ reinforcement in concrete is an electrochemical process, it creates an electric current to make metal dissociation. The lower the resistivity, the easier corrosion current flowing...Read More

  • WM-106 Whiteness Meter

    WM-106 Whiteness Meter

    Whitenes Meter is mainly used to directly measure the whiteness value of object or powder with flat surface. Can be widely used in whiteness measurement of textile printing and dyeing, paint, chemical building materials, paper board, plastic products, white cement, ceramics,...Read More

  • Electromagnetic Converter

    Electromagnetic Converter

    Transmitter outline dimension and type According to the size of the sensor, we offer four kinds of transmitter housing, As shown in the figure below, please note: the PCB board, software and menus and functions are be the same, only the size of housing and shape of the...Read More

  • Metal Tube Rotameter Flow Meter

    Metal Tube Rotameter Flow Meter

    Main technical parameters of Intelligent metal tube rotameter flowmeterRead More

  • GM-026 Gloss Meter

    GM-026 Gloss Meter

    This Compact and portable Gloss Meter is used to measure specular reflection gloss of a surface. It has 20° and 60° measuring angle and capable to save in group up to 254 data. Very flexible to use with its separate probe.Read More