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  • Digital Wall Scanner For Wood, Metal, And AC Wiring

    The detector could probing the metals(magnetic metal and non-magnetic metal), wood and charged wire.
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  • Electronic Digital Cailiper

    1)Operation: Slider can be removed only after the locking screw(#10) is loosened 2)Basic Measuring Methods a: loosen the locking screw b: press "on" button, select sae or metric measurement bypressing "MM/INCH" Button. pressing "MM/INCH" button after measurement will...
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  • Wireless Ultrasonic Water Meter

    Ultrasonic water meters are intended for technological measurements of instantaneous flow rate and consumption in water-supply networks, and archiving of the measured data.
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  • Duel Channel Ultrasonic Water Meter

    Ultrasonic water meter is developed on the principle of ultrasonic time difference and is battery powered and IP68 class water-proof. Ultrasonic water meter is specially designed for water(water,sea water) flow measurement. Our ultrasonic water meter can support inline...
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  • TEM-W3 Dyna-Link Dynamometer For Water Weight Bags

    TEM-W3 wireless dynamometer is an extremely well-built instrument for industry use ,as a standard wireless tool offer universal applications,Whether used as conventional crane weigher or to measure force, TEM-W3 wireless dynamometer is microprocessor controlled for high...
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  • HT-225A Schmidt Sclerometer Concrete

    Schmidt rebound hammer is a classic measuring method,non-destructive test the compressive strength of concrete construction
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  • Ultrasonic Water Level Meter For Fluid Measurement

    Ultrasonic level sensors have beautiful appearance, stability performance; explore proof design and good measurement function. Isolated power supply by industrial instruments, all of the output, input lines with lightning protection, overvoltage, over current protection...
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  • PH/ORP-2000 Portable PH Meter ORP Controller

    Used for applications such as water treatment and monitoring, galvanic-decontamination, chemical processing, food processing, clean or wastewater control and neutralization process.
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  • TPT-2690 Digital Throttle Position Sensor

    Product Description Application & Features TPT-2690 Throttle Potentiometer Tester is used to detect the throttle value. * Fast diagnosis of a common electronic fault *Simple-to-use digital meter indicates throttle position sensor output voltage * Connect to battery...
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  • FPM-2680 Digital Fuel Pressure Meter

    Product Instruction Application & Features FPM-2680 Digital Fuel Pressure Meter is used to detect the fuel pressure of battery. * Simple-to-use digital meter indicates diesel fuel pressure. *Connect to battery terminals and fuel pressure sensor signal wire, display will...
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  • DB Sound Tester Digital Noise Level Meter

    Widely used to test the sound level of environment, machinery, vehicle, ship and other noise. For industrial environmental protection, construction, health care, teaching and research department.
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  • ND9 Digital Sound Level Meter Calibrator 94dB & 114dB

    For quick and easy calibration of sound level meters and sound measuring systems. *Handy sound source for quick and easy calibration of sound level meters and sound measuring systems. *The Calibrator employs solid state integrated circuitry that provides accurate and stable...
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