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Automatic Levels

Automatic Levels

This series automatic levels are equipped with automatic compensator which is magnetically damped, so that the instrument is free from vibration, temperature change and can self-correct even there is slight slope. Besides, the instruments embody functions of measuring horizontal angle and distance. So it can apply to construciton project, water conservancy project, civil engineering and some other projects
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* Smart and portable with integrated tunbe lens

 Adapt integrated design wich not only effective protect objective system, but also retain high accuracy and stable performance

*Superior telescope system with high definition,

 Telescope system with high definition and brightnes, which effective to alleviate eye fatigue; with 0.3M Ultra-short visual distance that bring bigger working range for measurement

* Reliable automatic compensator

 Equipped with automatic and magnetically damped compensator; High adaptability with trembling and shock working environment; High precision for compensation, with large working range and returning fas features

*Superior water-proof feature, regardless of bad weather

 With technology of IP66, you do not need to worry about working in bad environment.

automatic level
  1. Reflector

  2. Sighting device

  3. Circular level adjusting screw

  4. Circular level

  5. Leveling foot knob

  6. Base

  7. Horizontal fine adjusting knob

  8. Objective lens

  9. Focusing knob

  10. Horizontal circle positioning ring

  11. Horizontal circle windows

  12. Cover of reticle adjusting screw

  13. Eyepiece

standard packing

14. Plumb bob

15. Objective cap

16. Hexagonal wrench

17. Adjusting pin

18. Cleaning cloth

19. Operator's manual


Length of tube215mm215mm215mm
Objective aperatureErectErectErect
Field of view24x28x32x
Resolution(JIS standard)1°25'1°25'1°20'
Minimum Focus4.0"3.5"3.0"
Stadia Ratio0.3m0.3m0.3m
Horizontal scaleDiameter103mm103mm103mm
value of division
Automatic compensatorTypeMagneticMagneticMagnetic

Standard deviation of 1km round-trip 

leveling measurement

Circular Bubble sensitively
Sighting device
----With sighting deviceWith sighting device
Waterproof grade

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