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MT160 Precision Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

MT160 Precision Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

MT160 precision ultrasonic thickness gauge, the principle of ultrasonic measurement, suitable for ultrasonic waves at a constant speed in its internal transmission, and can be reflected from the back of a variety of material thickness measurement.

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Product Details

Technical Parameters:

Measuring range: 0.75-300mm (steel).

Display accuracy: 0.01mm

Measurement error: 1 mm ~ 10 mm: ± 0.05mm 10mm ~ 200mm: (± 0.5% H + 0.1) mm

Pipeline measurement limit (steel): Φ20mm × 2.0mm

Measurement cycle: 2 times / second

Measuring frequency: 5MHz

Sound speed range: 1000-9999m / s

Display: 4 semi-digital LCD display, with cold light illumination display

Zero adjustment: probe on the thickness gauge test block automatically zero button

Linear Correction: Microprocessor Automatic Linear Correction (V Path Automatic Compensation)

Alarm function: You can set the limit, the measured value outside the limit can automatically beep alarm

Working voltage: 3V (2 AA size alkaline batteries in series)

Off: no action for 2 minutes automatically shut down, there is a switch button

Display content: thickness value, coupling status, power status, CAL calibration status can be displayed, the sound velocity

Dimensions: 132 X 76.2 mm

Machine weight: 345g

Main function

1, suitable for measuring the thickness of the metal (such as steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, etc.), plastic, ceramics, glass, glass fiber and any other good sound conductor;

2, can be equipped with a variety of different frequencies, the use of different chip size probe;

3, with the probe zero calibration, two-point calibration function, the system error can be automatically corrected;

4, known thickness can be measured sound velocity in order to improve the measurement accuracy;

5, with a single point thickness and thickness measurement scanning thickness of two work patterns;

6, the thickness of the value can be set in advance, the lower limit, out of range automatic alarm;

7, with coupling status prompt function;

8, EL backlight display, easy to use in dim light environment;

9, there is remaining capacity indicator, real-time display battery remaining capacity;

10, with automatic sleep, power-off features such as automatic shutdown;

11, with RS232 interface, you can easily and quickly with the PC for data exchange and parameter settings. Can be connected to a micro printer (manufacturer's specified model) to print a measurement report;

12, Optional equipped with microcomputer software, with transmission measurement results, measurement storage management, measurement and statistical analysis, print measurement reports and other rich features;

13, sealed metal case, compact, portable, high reliability, suitable for harsh operating environment, anti-vibration, shock and electromagnetic interference.

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